Our Principles

No egos on set

On every shoot we have to deliver great quality to our clients within budget and timeframe. We believe that the best quality will be delivered as a team effort, overcoming the challenges that we may face during a shoot.



We make things happen, hands on

All of our doing is aimed at one thing: To make things happen. We will squeeze every inch out of your budget to get the shots you need to tell your story. We are hands on, creative in our approach and know how to pull strings if needed.



We make our talents happy

We don’t want our talents to be distracted when they get to work, so we ensure that they have everything they need. We don’t believe in cheap hotels and bad food, but we will spend our clients money judiciously.



Diverse teams deliver better

We believe in diversity not just in front of the camera, but also about representation behind the camera. Just like our friends at Granny we believe that diversity and different views lead to better quality for the end product.



Low emissions, saving ressources 

We are fully committed to producing with the lowest possible emissions, saving as much resources as possible to reduce our production footprint. We do so by adhering to Green The Bid standards and offsetting all travel.